Saturday, November 13, 2010

Teach me it's more to being a man than feeling up your thigh. For Breast Cancer. G-esteem (Pic of Pres. Obama & Wife)

I support the battle for breast cancer because i wouldn't have turned out as good as a upcoming man without the good women in my life such as my elementary school teachers, other mothers,my mama and the "down" women in my life. So I support woman of any race that are fighting to make the world better for men and themselves. I would die for the right women. Teach me it's more to being a man than feeling up your thigh. Stay bow-legged and thick. G-esteem

G-esteem-A tenacious confidence;mental toughness. People who educated themselves and evolved into the most happy Americans (People) usually red necks and pro-blacks (STAY BOW-LEGGED & THICK). "If god is with me than who can be against me?" I can do anything. G-esteem "The Game is in Belief." Go Hard, We Dying Soon.


"Respect Ain't Dead"

-Loyalty is Cash


Tyla (Tyler Shemwell)

 /Am i doing too much/Or losing my touch/

 "Can't-Wait-Til-Night-Time"...Night Time by Tyler Shemwell

with lines ...Some Forgot To Take Their Work Clothes Off/Afraid They're Gonna Miss Something/
Whatever it is/It's Airborne/When it turns warm/

-"Real & A Good Time"

(Worth The Money).

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